Research Methods and Statistics I Exercise – Spring 2023 Campus racial climate c

Research Methods and Statistics I Exercise – Spring 2023
Campus racial climate consists of the perceptions of the overall racial college environment regarding its reproduction of racial inequality, including quality of interracial interactions, experiences with racism on campus, attitudes toward Black students, and university policies and practices that support Black students. Researchers collected data from 363 Black undergraduate students. Campus racial climate was examined using a 16-item measure that assessed students’ perceptions of the racial climate at their institutions. Items were scored on a five-point scale (1 = Strongly disagree to 5 = Strongly Agree). Total scores for the scale were determined by calculating the mean of the item responses. Higher scores indicate more positive perceptions of the campus racial climate.
1. What is the conceptual definition of campus racial climate?
2. What is the operational definition?
3. What is the sample?
4. What type of variable is campus racial climate?
a. Ordinal
b. Nominal
c. Scale
5. What type of research design is this?
a. Experimental
b. Correlational

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