Restate the disease including the risk factors. Select a specific population you

Restate the disease including the risk factors. Select a specific population you would like to work with in addressing this health issue. Outline the steps you would take in implementing a case-control study and cohort study for each of the study designs explain the strengths and limitations as they pertain to the disease. Obtain a published article that explains at least one of the study designs for the disease and critique the article.
Total Points: 50
5 Points each for the following items:
Describing the disease using epidemiological triangle
Describes the target population for disease investigation
Outlines steps for case-control study
Outlines steps for cohort study
Outlines steps for experimental study
Explains advantages and disadvantages of each study design
Explains measurement issues in each study design
Obtains published literature from Medline database for each study design
Critiques an article for each of the study design
Includes references in APA format

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