Review/body: a summary of the article in your own words.

Review your first scholarly article that will be the 1st part of your Signature Assignment (SA).
What kind of article??
An article that provides data on your topic. We discussed this in class and in the computer lab. Your article may include info on statistics, research, information about people involved in this issue, cultural differences, or simply information about your topic.
An article that has been published in a journal. This means NO blogs, WebMD posts/articles, books, etc. Using the library search engine or Google Scholar will help you find these types of articles. (You are allowed a little wiggle room on this first article. When in doubt, ask me.)
An article that has been published within the last 10 years is best. I will accept an article in the 2000s (unless we’ve already discussed this). (See Reviewing Scholarly Articles for tips.)
What format?
Your review should be typed in Times New Roman font, 12-pt, and double-spaced. You should have the standard margins (1 in. all around). Your review should have two parts: The cover page, the review (body), and a reference page:
Cover Page: Center in the middle of the page (horizontal & vertical), your name, title of your paper (you can put “Review of…” and the article name), class (PSYC 2301- ) with section number, and date. (10 points)
Review/Body: A summary of the article in your own words. Include:
The purpose of the study,
How it was conducted (participants & what they did or had done to them),
The results (you can include actual data or percentages, but summarize the wording), and
Importance of the findings/results. (Why does it matter?)
This assignment will be checked for verification of originality (plagiarism). You will need to receive a match of less than 15%. The summary should be at least 1 page to summarize the key points. (50 points)
Reference Page: An APA citation of your article on a reference page (the title of the page should read “References:”). You can find info on how to properly cite your source on the Canvas page Citations and resources for doing citations. (20 points)
**Lastly, the review should be turned in on time with limited grammatical errors (less than 5). (20 points for < 5 errors, 10 points for 5-10 errors, 0 points for more than 10 errors). Late papers (up to three days) will have 10 points taken off per day. Assignment: Upload your three to four pages (one cover page, one-two page summary/review, and one reference page). Utilize resources (UpSwing, tutoring, writing services, Grammarly) to ensure you are using college level writing!! Your file should be in .doc or .docx format. You will be limited to these two file types. If you need another, please email me.

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