Review Homeland Threat Assessment: October 2020

The U.S. intelligence community (I.C.) has uncovered and verified a plan by al-Qaeda and ISIS operatives who illegally entered the United States and recruited American citizens to conduct a major, coordinated attack to be perpetrated sometime in the next 30 days. This plan involves 20 suicide bombers, equipped with automatic weapons, targeting the ten largest shopping malls in the country during the holiday shopping season. The terrorists are believed to already have the weapons and explosives necessary and to have been living in the U.S. for at least one year.
Review Homeland Threat Assessment: October 2020.
As an intelligence analyst working for DHS’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis, you have been tasked with writing a paper that will provide senior DHS management with the following:
An overview of the target set (names of the malls, locations, annual visitors, and related general information) and their general, overall vulnerabilities.A descriiption of the capabilities of the Department of Homeland Security and how these might respond to the prevention of a major domestic terrorist attack.Status of the current threat to the United States. Mexico-based cartels pose the greatest threat to the Homeland because of their ability to control territory. Recommend 2 to 4 countermeasures. Apa format double spaced with atleast 2 references.

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