Reviews of popular films are all around us. Chances are you’ve either read or wr

Reviews of popular films are all around us. Chances are you’ve either read or written an informal review of a movie that you loved OR hated. For this assignment, you will formally review a popular film for its connection to our course theme. Formal reviews generally have three important components: they are directed at a specific audience, they establish genre expectations, and lastly, they identify some evaluative criteria by which the film is being measured. Successful reviews also frequently bring in a comparative to help establish familiarity with the audience.
Writing Task
In approximately 500-750 words, you will write a review essay of a recently released (after 2020) film. One of the major criteria for your review will be its engagement with one or more course concepts (HBCUs, liminality, communitas, college life, etc.). In order to write a successful review, your essay should:
display audience awareness
have an engaging, interesting introduction
Identify at least two criteria that you are basing your evaluation on
Have clear topic sentences that reinforce the thesis and reflect paragraph content
Be relatively free of grammatical errors
Be stylistically complex
Meet the length requirement

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