Scenario: You’ve just graduated or changed careers, and you’re entering the job

You’ve just graduated or changed careers, and you’re entering the job market. Before applying for positions, you want a better understanding of how others with similar career ambitions present themselves online. To do this, you conduct a bit of research, searching websites liked LinkedIn and other professional platforms for profiles of individuals who are in your field. Using what you’ve learned, you then create your own professional profile.
First, view two-three professional profiles of people in your career field compile a brief report (approximately 200 words) that explains what you thought worked well in the profiles you viewed and what could have been more effective. Be sure to include links for the professional profiles you studied. Format your report as a memo to your instructor.
Next, create your own professional profile (using LinkedIn or other platforms). Include information pertaining to your career, experience, skills, and professional goals. Email the link for your professional profile to your instructor.

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