Select 15 corporate stocks.

Please follow the guidelines listed below carefully to successfully complete the assignment. Your grade will be based on your successful completion of each of the following parts.
1. Select 15 corporate stocks. Describe each company selected, its position in the industry, its recent performance, and your reason for selecting that company. You must submit one good paragraph for each company.
2. Provide a description of each major market index (DJIA, S & P 500, NASDAQ).
3. Monitor the stocks of your 15 companies, and the 3 major indices for a period of 10 business days and record the daily stock prices and the daily values of the 3 major indices (DJIA, S&P 500 and NASDAQ on a spreadsheet.
4. Compute and record the average 10-day price for each stock (the 15 companies) and each major index.
5. Compute and record the daily Rate of Return for each stock and each major index.
RET = (Day2 – Day1) / Day1
6. Compute the average daily return (Ave. RET) for each stock (15 in total) and the 3 indices.
7. Compute the average daily return of your 15-stock portfolio.
8. Compute the average daily return of the 3 major market indices.
9. Rank the stocks and the 3 major indices based on their Rate of Return.
10. Describe/explain your findings and the performance of your portfolio compared to the 3 major indices.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Each report must be developed as a MS-Word document, double-spaced, using a 12-point font, and presented neatly with a cover page and a reference page. The assignment must also have an introduction presenting the organization of the work and a conclusion. It should contain two major sections: 1) a narrative part presenting general information on each of the 15 companies and the 3 major market indices; 2) a spreadsheet containing the financial data on each company and the 3 major market indices. The assignment must be submitted on CANVAS by the DUE DATE. No Late Papers will be accepted. The completed assignment must be submitted on CANVAS by the due date. Upon submission, make sure that your assignment is uploaded successfully on CANVAS.
This is an individual assignment. Each student is expected to submit individual work. Any evidence of plagiarism or cheating will earn the student(s) a failing grade (F) for the class. Do your very best.
Hint: Yahoo Finance may serve as a good source of information and data for this assignment.
Remember to do your very best in all endeavors, and please

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