Select a nurse theorist (choose a nurse theorist from Ch. 6 in your text or from

Select a nurse theorist (choose a nurse theorist from Ch. 6 in your text or from a credible outside source) and prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing:
The background of the theorist
A description of the theory, assumptions of the theory
The application of the theory to nursing practice
Compatibility of the theory to your personal philosophy of nursing and your chosen professional association
Describe the background of the nurse theorist and the various social and professional issues that influenced the development of the theory. Consider what was happening at the time they developed the theory.
Identify the key concepts and beliefs of the nursing theory. Concepts common to most nursing theories include person, health, nursing, and environment.
List your personal philosophy of nursing and compare the theory with your personal philosophy of nursing. Are they compatible? Explain Why or why not?
Is this theorist’s beliefs compatible with your professional association?
Apply the theory to a clinical situation and describe how its use will improve nursing care or influence the manner in which care is given. This could be a real situation that you have encountered or a hypothetical one that an RN may face.
NOTES section of slides includes a detailed description of each slide (versus putting this material on slides and making them too busy). The notes section is just beneath each slide.
Adds citations from readings and added APA formatted reference in the Notes section of the slides.

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