Self-assessment form—wbs & pert/cpm chart

You will be using Microsoft Excel to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) table and a PERT/CPM Chart. The information needed to create the WBS and PERT/CPM Chart can be found in the Case Study: WBS and PERT/CPM Chart that is shown above. Please read all information below for complete details related to the assignment.
Review the following items before completing this assignment:
WBS and PERT/CPM ChartLinks to an external site. (*Message in chat for the how to guide link)
Tips for Success—Assignment 03: WBS & PERT CPM/Chart
Self-Assessment Form—WBS & PERT/CPM Chart
Create a Work Breakdown Structure table. Your WBS table must include the four columns, labeled “Task No.,” “Description,” “Duration (Days),” and “Predecessor Task(s).”
Each task represents how much time you and your team estimate you will need to analyze, design, code, test, and implement each identified task.
Since you do not have a team and do not know how long it would take to create each piece of functionality, either guess or randomly choose the duration and order of completion. NOTE: You are limited by the constraints listed in #3 below.
Create a PERT/CPM Chart from your WBS table. Your chart must show the task name, task ID, start day, end day, and the estimated duration for every task. Your PERT/CPM chart will show task patterns and the logical sequence of the tasks.
You are, however, limited by the following constraints:
Use only a whole, positive integer for the start and/or end day. Do NOT use a date as either the start and/or end day.
Task #1’s start day will always be 1.
Use only full days as the duration, NOT hours, half-days, weeks, months, or
You are NOT allowed to use the same duration for two or more tasks. For example, if Task A has a duration of 5 days, NO other task on your table or chart is allowed a duration of 5 days.
Your table and chart MUST contain at least one multiple successor task pattern AND one multiple predecessor task pattern.
Do not use one combined task pattern to demonstrate this, show two completely separate task patterns. Make up the information to accomplish this if necessary. In the textbook, page 83, Figure 3-13 illustrates an example of a multiple successor task pattern, and Figure 3-14 on page 84 illustrates a multiple predecessor task pattern.
Complete the Self-Assessment Form – WBS & PERT/CPM Chart Download Self-Assessment Form – WBS & PERT/CPM Chart .
This form is very specific about what you are to complete on this assignment, and your instructor will use a similar form to provide you with feedback on the assignment. Please use it as a guide for successfully completi

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