show more of personal appreciation of the museum, and your analysis of three pieces you found of interest.

Completed essay attached
Please include in this essay:
1. show more of personal appreciation of the museum, and your analysis of three pieces you found of interest.
2. Be sure to indicate the name of the museum in the title and opening sentence…and try not
to use so many quotes. This is more about your impression. All quotes must be cited as well.
3. be sure to include some of the different exhibits presented as well in the museum, and what you enjoyed.
———————————-BELOW IS NOT TO BE DONE ————————————————-
OLD assignment below (COMPLETED) use for your own information if you want.
Virtual visit, Recommended museums in CT: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford: –

Virtual Tours

Instructions for Virtual Tour of a Museum:
1. Give the full name of the museum and its location such as a city and state or country, if applicable. Even though you’re taking a virtual tour, you can still discuss the kind of area the museum is in and its pros and cons in terms of parking and public transportation. One website I viewed had easy access to a map. Describe your reason(s) for choosing this museum.
2. Look up the mission statement of the museum on the website and cite it in text and on a reference page. If there is none, state what you think it is. Based on your tour and evaluation of the website explain why you think the museum does or does not accomplish its mission.
3. Describe your experience using the virtual tour. What does it do well and why and what needs improvement? Give in-depth details to support your points. Some aspects to consider visual appeal, ease of use, content, what parts of the collection the museum decided to feature for the online visitor.
4. Choose a few of the pieces of art or exhibits that you found interesting, and provide analyses of these displays.
5. Additional suggestions for developing your paper to meet the 4-5 page length requirement:
Add additional elements based on what you observe.
Compare the virtual tour to one in another museum.
Describe the architecture of the museum as seen on the website and how can it be used to draw visitors.

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