Social Analytics Rock. They provide statistics about your friends and contracts,

Social Analytics Rock. They provide statistics about your friends and contracts, connections, links, and the content of your posts. They provide an objective, third-party view of your online presence that can assist with your reputation management and help determine if your social media presence projects the right image.
Requirements: For this lab, you’ll need a Windows or Apple computer with permission to access and install a third-party application. You’ll also need a Facebook account. If you do not have Facebook account then you can use your Linkedin account for this assignment. The instructions are generalized; they provide helpful guidelines but not specific steps. You may have to explore a bit to find all the tools needed to complete the assignment, but that is all part of the learning experience.
1. You will need to login to Facebook account. If you do not have Facebook account then you may use LinkedIn account. Below given instructions use Facebook but same steps can also be applied to LinkedIn if you choose to use that.
2. Study your social connections. Log into Facebook/Linkedin and select eight of your friends. Use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, to create an adjacency matrix similar to the one in Figure 5-10. Place a “1” in the intersecting cell for any two people who are mutual friends. Facebook displays some mutual friends if you enter the following address bar of your browser:
You can find the ID for each friend by going to their Facebook page and looking for their ID in the address bar.
Capture a screen shot of your adjacency matrix for your lab report.
3. Construct a sociogram of your Facebook friends. Use an online diagramming tool such as yEd Live. Begin by drawing a circle in the middle of the graph and labeling it “Me(XXX)”. In parenthesis indicate the number of friends you have on Facebook.
Draw eight more circles to represent eight of your friends. Label each circle with the friend’s initials and number of friends he or she has on Facebook. Use the data in your adjacency matrix to draw lines between the circles of friends who are friends of each other.
When all the connecting lines are drawn, adjust the size of the circles to reflect the people with the most connections. Capture a screen shot of your sociogram for your lab report.
To hand in:
Upload a Word document using the naming convention lastName_FirstInitial_Mod3. Your lab report should contain your screen shot from #2 and 3.

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