ssay, Flowchart, and Chart Assignment This assignment is composed of three parts

ssay, Flowchart, and Chart Assignment
This assignment is composed of three parts. In the first part, you will write an essay using at least two sources. On the next page, after the references for the essay you will include a flowchart for the second part. The flowchart can be drawn using Microsoft Word or another program and pasted into the document. The third part of this assignment should be placed on the next page after the flowchart. Submit all three parts in a single document in Blackboard.
Part 1
Compose a two-page essay (not including title and reference pages) discussing ways to make the culture for collaboration around data use safe at your school. Reference ideas from the textbook and at least one other academic source of your choice from the Waldorf Online Library. Use APA format to include proper citations and a reference page.
Part 2
Draw a graphic flowchart to show how collaboration and teaming is organized within your district. If you do not currently have structured collaboration teams, organize the flowchart in a way that you would propose. Attach to Part 1 of this assignment.
Part 3
Successful collaboration and teaming usually culminates in process improvements at the individual and institution levels. This next activity is an example of that put into practice by the Iowa Department of Education.
Refer to the Iowa Department of Education article listed in the required reading, then create a two-column chart after the flowchart in Part 2. Give the chart a title of your choice. Label one column “Council Recommendations” and the second column “My Thoughts.” You should have six entries including the topics of the council position on evaluation, feedback, coaching, and professional development plans. An explanation of why you think those council recommendations were made and your personal insights should be reflected in the second column.
Iowa Department of Education. (2016). Council on educator development: Recommendations regarding educator standards and evaluation

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