State the business problem you want to work with and research solutions to

Post to this forum and respond to at least two classmates by the end of week 10.
This exercise will advance your work with the business problem you have so far–go ahead and carry over the topic/issue you were working on in exercise #6.

It will be OK to switch to a different business problem later if you end up not wanting to commit to the one you are working with here. (We will remain flexible until the process starts to gel.)
Later in the course, you will write a proposal (week 12) and also a long business report (week 16) on the business problem you eventually commit to. With luck, the one you have now, or something like it, will go the distance, but we will see.
Instructions for Exercise #7:

State the business problem you want to work with and research solutions to. It should be a statement not a question. If you are not sure of your business problem yet, it is OK to work with a practice one for this exercise and see where it leads.
Make sure the problem is not generic but tied to an actual industry, company, or organization–one that has at its head a person or persons who could be the recipient of your transmittal letter and full report. Being specific about company/recipient will be important to moving ahead with your idea.
State a tentative thesis statement. Your thesis should not be a question. It should state the problem and point toward solutions. Your thesis at this stage should be your best articulation so far of (a) what the problem is, (b) maybe even what caused it, and (c) where you think the solutions will come from.
List 3-5 research questions that you will want to investigate.

Some preliminary online research and library database browsing will help you come up with productive questions.
This is a great time to start using the GGU Library.
It is OK for your thesis and research questions change later.
This work will lead to refinement of your thinking.
Why is your thesis statement considered tentative? Because it will likely change as you continue your research. At this point, the thesis is there to help you keep the scope of your thinking under control as you research. (You will be writing a business report, not a book.)
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