Step 1: Please read Robert Audi’s article, “Can Utilitarianism Be Distributive?

Step 1: Please read Robert Audi’s article, “Can Utilitarianism Be Distributive?
Maximization and Distribution as Criteria in Managerial Decisions”
2.) Centralia, Pennsylvania’s Council’s method for cleaning up a dump was to set it
on fire in an abandoned coal pit. This caused one of the world’s largest and
longest coal-seam fires. The city attempted to drill down to stop the spread, but they did
not drill fast enough. A decade later, they installed fires vent pipes, which only transferred
the noxious gas of Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and heavy metals to be pushed up
above Centralia instead of away from the town. Because the fire grew so large, the city could
no longer employ remediation efforts. Thus, the city bought-out residents and abandoned
the city. Provide an ethical critique of both the city and the company who left the mine
shafts abandoned without properly closing them. A note: although this occurred in 1962,
the fire is spreading towards Schuylkill.
Here is a video on the history of the coal-seam fire in Centralia:

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