Step 2: Research Cocaine Research your teratogen. Find the following information

Step 2: Research Cocaine
Research your teratogen. Find the following information:
What is it? What is it used for (if applicable)? How does a pregnant person typically come into contact with it? Just the basics of what it is. How does it effect the baby? How does the teratogen harm the baby? What are the short-term (while developing in the womb or right after birth) and long-term effects (years or lifetime)? Focus on effects on the baby, not the mother. What is the critical period for exposure to this teratogen? This is a time frame during prenatal development that causes the most damage to the unborn baby when exposed to this teratogen. Be specific! State specific timeframes and/or prenatal periods. Explain why being exposed to the teratogen during this time frame causes the most damage to the child. How can this teratogen be prevented? How can harmful effects of the teratogen be prevented or reduced? Other interesting information or facts. This does not have to relate to prenatal development. It can be anything you think is interesting about the teratogen. Resources-Keep track of the websites you get your research information from so you can create a references page.
Create a slideshow presentation to share with the class. Your presentation must include, at minimum, the following slides:
Title slide – The name of your teratogen, your name, the date, the class nam.Why you chose your topic, Description of your teratogen. Effects on the baby.
When the most critical period is. How it can be prevented. Interesting information. References – Provide a list of all of the websites you took information from to create your website. Practice using APA format Use this citation generator for citing a website in APA. Links to an external site. List your resources in alphabetical order on your references slide. This is minimal points so don’t stress too much! I just want you to start practicing using APA. You may create your presentation using whatever slideshow program you want – Powerpoint, GoogleSlides, whatever. You just have to share it in a format that is shareable! I recommend using Google slides since it’s very easy to just copy and paste a link to your presentation.
A teratogen is any agent that can potentially cause a physical birth defect. Some exposures to teratogens do not cause physical birth defects, but can alter the developing brain and influence cognitive and behavioral functioning. This can include drugs, incompatible blood types, environmental pollutants, infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, environmental pollutants, and more. How damaging a teratogen is on the fetus depends on 2 main things:
The timing of exposure
The amount of exposure

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