Step one requires you to review the relevant literature to develop a set of form

Step one requires you to review the relevant literature to develop a set of formal hypotheses to test using ANOVA techniques. You will use gender and level of education.
Step 2: Produce a report based on the following headings and requirements. APA guidelines must be adhered to throughout. A breakdown of the word count and marks applicable are set out below. Word count is not transferrable across sections.
1. Introduction (approx. 700 words) (25 marks)
The introduction should deal with theoretical approaches pertaining to well-being and literature focused on areas such as health status, social isolation, psychological health and life satisfaction. Further, the introduction should address all demographic variables which are relevant to the study. The hypotheses should be developed based on the dataset and relevant literature. These will be included at the end of the introduction section and take the form of formal hypothesis statements (H0 and H1). This isn’t normally seen in published research articles or reports but is a good exercise at this stage of your learning about quantitative research writing. The formal hypotheses statements do not count towards the word count in this section.
Please note the word count and provide a very brief background to the topics under review and a concise selection of relevant research to build to the formal hypotheses set out at the end of the introduction. Remember, an introduction starts broad and becomes more specific, guiding the reader to the research question/hypotheses.

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