Students should research the Biomedical Engineering profession. While researc

Students should research the Biomedical Engineering profession. While researching students should gather the following information:
1.Biomedical Engineer’s role in society . Explicitly state jobs they may have, private industry sectors they may work and their functions in these sectors.
2. Training needed to become a Biomedical Engineer
3.Schools in Virginia where you may study Biomedical Engineering and any concentrations you may have.
4.The average salary of a Biomedical Engineer
5.One person who has worked in the Biomedical Engineer discipline and has impacted society.
In addition to the questions listed above students should reflect on what they learn and discuss in a brief paragraph why this discipline may or may not be a good fit for you. Students should write in complete sentences. Paragraphs should be at least 6 sentences long. The reflection should NOT be just the answers to the questions listed above but instead give detail description why you believe this is either a good or bad fit for you.

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