Subrena Smith (reading 3) argues that philosophy is important to science educati

Subrena Smith (reading 3) argues that philosophy is important to science education. Some of her thoughts relate pretty well to some things Bertrand Russell (reading 1) says about the value of philosophy. In the first part of your answer write a paragraph where you compare something Smith says and something Russell says. Make sure not just to quote/paraphrase them but also to tell us how you understand their claims. In the second part (second paragraph) of your answer consider what West (reading 2) says about philosophy (for example the idea of letting suffering speak, or the idea of deep education). Choose an idea or quote of his that stood out to you and reflect on what it offers that might be a little different from what Smith and Russell wrote (or how it’s similar, depending on what idea you pick out!). Make sure to give page references for the ideas or quotes you mention in your answer!

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