Targeted Country and your research and reasons for making these selections.

All Country Project Reports include a heading on each page (i.e. date, student name, name of report, product/service offering, chosen country), page numbers (bottom middle) single spaced paragraphs and double spaced between paragraphs written in style Times Roman 12” pitch. Citations and References are APA guidelines.
The length of the reports are as follows: Part 1 is one page.
Part 1 you are to write a 1 page report to include the (1) Company; (2) B2C Product; (3) Targeted Country and your research and reasons for making these selections. Include all research citations and references. See Grading Rubric.
Selecting (1) Company; (2) B2C Product; (3) Targeted
Students should choose a U.S. company they are interested in researching and a consumer product/service that is not currently found in the targeted country. For example, students can choose to market an automobile from the United States into a foreign country it is currently not servicing.
Note: Foreign students are especially encouraged to find consumer products/services that they’ve been accustomed to or enjoyed (a favorite type of food product) here in the United States and wish to “export” to their home country OR choose a B2C product from your home country that is currently not offered in the U.S. and you wish to “export” to the U.S.
Selecting a Product
While industrial products currently account for more than 50 percent of international trade, and their importance is appropriately stressed, the focus of this project is exclusively on consumer products. Due to the cultural orientation of the project, consumer products offer more opportunities to focus on cultural adaptation than do most industrial goods.
Students typically select countries ranging from the most economically developed to the most recent developing nations. Therefore, it is advisable the product selected should be consistent with the needs of large numbers of consumers in developing nations. The product should have obvious cultural overtones to provide a strong cultural impact to the project.
The product should be one that students know something about. Products meeting these criteria, and which have been used successfully in the past include: baby food, disposable diapers, powdered milk, contraceptive pills, high-protein diet supplements, prepared foods such as dry soups, portable washing machines, soft drink mix, children’s toys, instant noodles, franchise outlets, and early pregnancy tests.
***** The file attached includes the rubric. ONLY NEED TO COMPLETE PART 1!

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