Tell me a story about change. Tell me a story about a time something changed for

Tell me a story about change. Tell me a story about a time something changed for you, you had to change your life, or you had to change something about yourself. Tell me the story of the event that made you who you are now. Pick one single event and tell me that story.
Tell me the story that breaks your heart to this day.
Start with the beginning. Give me context: why did this single event change you so drastically. Tell me what led to this event.
Tell me what happened in as much detail as possible. Then, tell me how you felt, tell me what you thought at the time, and tell me how other people reacted.
Describe the effects of this event. Tell me how things are different now, tell me what the consequences to the event were/are: has a relationship changed, has a financial situation changed, has your living situation changed, or has something else changed without the possibility of being changed back?
And tell me if you would go through that event again if given the chance, knowing that the event is part of what made you who you are.
500 words in MLA formatting
Title: Narrative Essay: Draft 1, Draft 2, Draft 3
You MUST include at least ONE PARAGRAPH of description.

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