Tell me what you discover about the issue of corporate welfare in texas by answering the following questions:

Follow the Money: Corporate Subsidies 800 plus words.
The primary goal of much of the money that flows through Texas politics is this: Influence. Corporations and industry groups, labor unions, and single-issue organizations spend billions of dollars each year to gain access to decision-makers in government, all in an attempt to influence their thinking and decision making resulting in policies favorable to their economic interest.
To make sure you understand the influence of industry (economic interests) on our political systems, you will closely examine taxpayer-funded subsidies to corporations in Texas. We will look at your tax dollars and the influence of corporate power.
You will begin with the following resources as a starting point.
You need to be familiar with the following terms: Corporate Welfare, tax abatements, and subsidies. You will become familiar with these terms by looking at corporate welfare in Texas and its impact on you and me.
Corporate welfare, also known as economic development, is widely used throughout Texas and the nation. From local tax abatements to the Export-Import Bank, governments provide billions of dollars each year in benefits to businesses to improve the marketplace’s outcomes. In Texas alone, tax abatements, renewable energy subsidies, development incentives, and direct payments total more than $2 billion annually.
Please read or watch all of the following:
To begin, please watch the following video that explains “incentives.”

Texas’ Largest Corporate Welfare Program is Rapidly Ballooning
The above website Good Jobs First is very comprehensive about tracking all subsidies.
Tell me what you discover about the issue of Corporate Welfare in Texas by answering the following questions:
Tell me what you find out about the matter of Corporate Welfare in Texas.
Give a general overview of what you found out about the largest recipients, to whom, and what they want.
Comment on transparency and accountability and how well these subsidies work for the public interest.
What did you learn that was most surprising to you, and what do you think others need to know?
Follow the Money: Corporate Subsidies/ Tax abatement’s

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