The CEO of a nearby hospital in Daytona Beach was impressed with your group’s kn

The CEO of a nearby hospital in Daytona Beach was impressed with your group’s knowledge of critical infrastructure, risk analysis, and red teaming. They decided to hire your group to conduct a full risk assessment of this hospital and present the team’s findings and recommendations to the CEO and the hospital board.
To begin, research a hospital in Daytona Beach. You will be utilizing this hospital for the remainder of the course and this group project. In this module, you will be determining its assets, including their criticality and vulnerabilities. You will be guided in this process using a simplistic risk analysis step-by-step methodology to list and value assets, determine vulnerabilities, calculate the relative risk, and potentially effective and efficient solutions that would reduce risk. You will provide details explaining your steps and data used in the methodology and provide justification for your recommendations that will be submitted in the final report.
You’ve already worked on the steps involved in a risk assessment in the previous two modules. For this assignment, you are tasked with submitting a final report that explains your group’s risk assessment steps, findings, and recommendations that will be given to the hospital CEO to review. The purpose of this final report is to help the hospital CEO and board decide what they should do to reduce the hospital’s risk and vulnerabilities. A complete risk assessment and final report are likely to emphasize the recommendations backed by findings that are available to the decision-maker.
The final paper should outline:
– the background of the hospital you are assessing
– its assets,
– the critical asset factors and values,
– the critical assets prioritized,
– the assessed vulnerabilities and score
Ensure you provide appropriate appendices of charts, formulas, and analysis to explain your team’s reasoning. Each section should be thoroughly explained in paragraph format. Walk me through your team’s thought process and decisions during this risk assessment.
Attached are two documents to help with the paper. Please let me know what else you might need. Thank you!

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