The “Dark Continent”

The “Dark Continent”
Entry/Post/Reply One: Discuss these two prompts listed below with your first entry/post.
Discuss the label that Africa was considered a “Dark Continent.”
Be sure to add in this discussion of the three kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, Songhay and the city of Timbuktu. Significance? Remember during much of the 18 and 19th Centuries, European colonial powers used this phrase. Why?
What role did women play in the community in ancient and medieval Africa? How does this compare to the women in Europe? Significance? Hint: You need to view the link that I provided on Medieval Europe and its description on Women and Power and Female Oppression.
Separate Entry/Post Two: Once you’ve done your first entry, you will see the other responses (if you are the first one, then you’ll have to wait for others to post their initial responses.) and then reply/respond with another post (your choice) with more analysis/substance. Notes:
Be specific by using your textbook, with its page number(s) if all possible, class notes (cite the file and sub-heading) and/or the materials provided in this unit. Avoid ALL personal pronouns (okay only after your second Entry). Watch your grammar and spelling!
Be sure to review AGAIN the “DB Directions.” USE THE PARADIGMS in your discussions! Use your own words! As usual, TWO total entries/posts/Replies — many are not doing this. Again, no pronouns such as I, my, me, you, us, we, they, them, etc. Link

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