The historical intellectual biographies of African American social work pioneers

The historical intellectual biographies of African American social work pioneers (Carlton-LaNey, 1990) builds students’ skills in using primary and secondary historical data to recover the contributions indigenous behavioral health, community organizing, mutual aid, and race-conscious work that contributes to contemporary practice of the profession. Each student will select an African American Social Welfare Pioneer from the attached list and prepare ascholarly paper based on the guidelines from Carlton-LaNey, I. (1990). The intellectual biography: A mechanism for integrating historical content.
(Washington, Booker Talisaferro (1856-1916)

You will need to develop:
A. A digital or presentation of your research.
B. Scholarly paper (MAXIMUM 10 pages) including at least TWO primary source/artifact. The paper must include one of the core theories of urban social work and a discussion of the implication for current social work practice. This assignment is not a simple cut and paste bio.
You will need to provide critical content which informs contemporary social work practice with urban Black families. ( see below questions for consideration and outline)

Guidelines for shaping your paper/digital project.
Blackness is not a monolith — it is a complexly rich and beautiful identity that is uniquely expressed worldwide. Imaging Blackness is the complex concept of expressing, recognizing, or assigning specific sets of ideas or values used in the depiction of Blacks. In other words, “How Black people act or show up in different spaces. “
1. Describe how the presence of Blackness is demonstrated
2. Provide information about the political/social context which marks the presence of Blackness ( i.e. what is happening that
shapes Black lives, such as The Montgomery Bus Boycott or/and racial segregation).
3. How are issue of inequality being challenged?
4. What event(s) facilitate resistance?
5. What answers did our historical scholars provide us about who we are?
6. How did they predict/lay the groundwork for our present day social issues?
7. What are the implications for addressing social work with urban Black families?
The paper/digital project must contain:
Abstract, Introduction, Theoretical Framework (602 course) Review of History, Discussion, Conclusion, Implications, References

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