the importance of self-care for psychologists in clinical practice.

In Unit 1 you were instructed to obtain a copy of your most recent laboratory results. Reflect on your individual lab values for each of the tests discussed during the term. Write a 3-page paper on the importance of self-care for psychologists in clinical practice.
***PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to disclose any personal information pertaining to your lab values. Rather, the focus of this paper should be a reflection on the importance of self-care as an ethical practitioner.

Blood work labs should include normal numerical values for complete blood count, basic metabolic panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel, thyroid panel, cardic biomarkers, sexually transmitted infection tests, and coagulation panel. You will have to have the normal ranges listed along with a normal normal indicating my number (results).
Must have medical writing experience. Must follow instructions very closely. Must write paper on a doctorate level.

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