The information on the exact product that has to be covered for the task is in t

The information on the exact product that has to be covered for the task is in the files attached
Process Analysis Essay TopicsAssignment: The goal of an expository essay is to explain by using descriptive language inefforts to teach. For this essay, you will explain a process by using descriptive language in effortsto teach your reader the process. In order to understand your process, you must analyze it byconsidering each step and all aspects related to the goal of the process.Topic: Choose a process that you are an expert in and explain it to your reader in detail. You willexplain a process based on your knowledge and personal experience. This means you willexplain how something is done or how it happens by presenting the steps in detail. This is not aresearch paper. Do not incorporate any outside sources or conduct any research for this essay—the process you choose should be one you already understand well.Length of Paper: 2- 3 pages (not including the title page). Be sure to set up the paper in APAformat.Audience: Always consider your audience. Are you writing to incoming first-year students? Areyou writing to your friend or family member? If you belong to a particular community(Broadway aficionados, video gamers, etc.), consider a process that is essential to thatcommunity. Make sure that you are writing to your audience, but do remember to includebackground information that a non-member might need in order to understand your process. Forexample, if you are involved in your local community theatre: consider writing to a new memberof this community such as a nervous actor walking on stage for their first audition.Thesis: Remember that a thesis always has two parts: What the topic is about A point (what you say about the topic)Example Thesis: Learning how to properly conduct an arrangement conference will ensurethe family you are serving is prepared for the difficult days ahead.When constructing your thesis, test it by using the About/Point test. Can you clearly say whatyour paper is about and what point you want the reader to take away? Your thesis statement istypically 1-2 sentences and always appears as the last 1-2 sentences of the introductoryparagraph.Organization: Organizing the body of your paper will depend upon the number of major stepsinvolved in the process you have chosen. Use the chronological approach as recommended bythe textbook. Also, remember to use the Transitional Words printout located under SupplementalResources. You may find that you use a variety of transitional words to connect your ideas. Yourgoal is to ensure that you choose the correct transition for the idea. This means, if you aremoving from the first step to the second step, “first” and “second” or “first” and “next” areappropriate choices. There should be no more than three body paragraphs. Remember that eachtopic sentence must contain only one main point. This means that you should choose the mostimportant steps of your process and develop those as the body paragraphs. Write in significantdetail to explain each step.
Conclusion: This paper should also have a clear conclusion. Do not summarize in yourconclusion. Instead, you will consider what key point you want the conclusion to make beyondwhat you have already said. This is a “closing remark,” not a new opening.

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