the Norton Anthology

Step 1. Read all of the sonnets by Shakespeare that are included in the Norton Anthology. Watch the video recordings on the sonnets (there are two).

Step 2. SONNET NUMBER 65, please see example of how it should look.
Step 3. Put the number of your sonnet in the subject line of your post. Then type out the entire sonnet at the top of your post. Begin annotating, following the sequence below.
Annotation details:
Form: describe the overall form of the sonnet including rhyme scheme and component parts. See my annotation on #1 for an example.
Quatrain 1, Quatrain 2, Couplet, etc. : highlight or type out the first few words of each quatrain and the couplet to create an annotation for each of them separately. Describe what is going on in the quatrain at the level of ideas and figurative language. What is the main thought here and how is it expressed? Is there a volta? Where? How does it work?
Gloss: for unusual words or words that need to be defined or explained in context, use Gloss as the first word in your annotation and then give a quick definition.
Wordplay: use Wordplay to describe or explain particularly interesting uses of imagery or figurative language (metaphors or similes), puns, double entendres, etc.
Question: if you would like to pose a question about part of the sonnet that you find difficult or confusing, use Question as the first word in your annotation and then pose your question, being as specific as possible.

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