The overarching goal of this assignment is to identify and apply a systematic me

The overarching goal of this assignment is to identify and apply a systematic method for problem-solving guided by your sophisticated use of the LOs. Choose one of the following topics:
Water scarcity in the UAE
Car accidents
(1) Make sure to select a tractable sub-topic within these broad topic areas. This will allow for a more effective application of LOs, and a sub-topic is rarely too specific or narrow.
(2) The resources linked above are intended to serve as a starting point for your research. You must identify additional readings and sources.

Part I: The Method.
Clearly summarize your method by identifying the steps you would use to approach your specific sub-problem, including where you would apply specific LOs. Include your systematic method as a flowchart, outline, or list of bulleted points (this should not be a narrative, and should not include any additional content not included in the narrative section below). (Note: Refer to Activity 1 in Session 10 for an example of how to outline your strategy/process).

Part II: Application.
Apply your systematic method by characterizing and proposing solutions for one of the topics listed. Research and learn about the problem and then apply the Problem Solving LOs to propose solutions. This narrative portion of your assignment should include three sections (900-1100 words):

Problem Analysis
Solution Analysis
Ideation and Execution

In this assignment,
You must include at least one application of each of the following LOs: #rightproblem, #problemsolving
Additionally, you could include one application of #heuristics.
Please note your total word count (for Part II) at the end of your assignment.
Use appropriate external resources and cite them appropriately in APA format ( For this assignment, a rough guide might be at least 5 external, scholarly sources. Literature cited are not included in the word count. We recommend using a citation manager to organize and format citations (for example: Mendeley or Zotero).
Suggested outline for the assignment.
Assignment Information
900 – 1100 words
Learning Outcomes Added
Heuristics: Know when to use heuristics and know when to avoid them.
RightProblem: Characterize the nature of the problem.
ProblemSolving: Organize problems into tractable components and identify gaps and constraints.
Professionalism: Ensure that your communication follows established guidelines and use a careful editing process.
general note to follow this assignment is about problem-solving the steps to include
1- The LO #rightproblem consists of four aspects (1. Definition of the initial state, 2. Definition the goal state, 3. List of key obstacles, and 4. Scale of the problem)
2- Breaking down into subproblems
3- Gap analysis builds on #rightproblem. Once you have identified the initial state and the goal
state it remains to determine whether there is a “gap” that needs to be filled by a new
product, process, or procedure, as well as defining key constraints
4-using heuristics and analogies
for additional details the writer can log in to school account for reading details in case confused

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