The “Perfect” Job Offer”. You can find the explanation of the case as attachment.

The name of case is “The “Perfect” Job Offer”. You can find the explanation of the case as attachment.
For the case, a paper with 4 pages should be written answering the following:
What is the ethical issue being discussed?
How does this issue align with the principles of business ethics? Please outline these in the context of duties, rights and justice or in the context of other forms of ethical analysis such as capitalist principles or the four tests – utilitarianism, family, mentor, press or media.
Assume you are the manager in charge of handling this problem. What would be your proposed solution to effectively deal with this situation?
As the manager, write an email to the CEO recommending policy changes at the organizational level to ensure such an event does not occur again?
The text includes questions following each case. You do NOT have to answer these questions; however, they may be a good guide for shaping your answers to the above points.
Do not write this paper in question answer format, but in essay format with introduction, body and conclusion.
The paper should includes an introduction, body of the paper and the conclusion.

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