The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate learnings throughout the course

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate learnings throughout the course by applying these learnings to a mock application and project. This assignment will result in producing all necessary material through all phases from systems planning through analysis, design, implementation and support for a software application.
Please choose a software project, either an in-house, custom-built software development application or a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software tool to purchase and install to meet a business need. Please use fictitious, made-up but meaningful data.
Kindly pretend that this assignment would be presented to your customer and sponsor and you are looking for their general approval of and any resources for the project.
Please complete a Word document using the format noted below with each section and all applicable points clearly identified and covered. Please limit your write-up to 10, double-spaced pages. Use of other files (e.g., Excel, Visio) would be supplemental and not required; screenshots of these files to properly cover the points is expected.
• Introduction Section
• Systems Planning Section
o Understanding the User’s Request Sub-Section
o Project Specifics Sub-Section
o Feasibility Sub-Section
• Systems Analysis Section
o Requirements Sub-Section
o Data Model Sub-Section
o Object Model Sub-Section
o Development Strategy Sub-Section
• Systems Design Section
o User Interface Design Sub-Section
o Data Design Sub-Section
o System Architecture Sub-Section
• Systems Implementation Section
• Systems Support Section
• Appendix
o Data Dictionary
Requirements and Grading Rubric
Please use the following below to understand exactly what to include in each section / sub-section of your completed Word file.
Helpful Reference to Class Material
Grading Rubric
Overall grammar – Provide a final check on the Word write-up before submission; the final check will include proper writing skills, grammar, spelling, etc.
Introduction Section
– List your project name
– Note the submission date
Not Applicable
Systems Planning
Understanding the User’s Request
System Request Section
– Present the system request from the user. This should describe what the user wants and why (e.g., “The Audit department needs a software system to file audit findings, create action items, and follow-up on those action items which resolve the audit findings.”).
Chapter 2 – building a preliminary investigation report
Project Specifics
Project Specifics Section
– Analyze project usability, cost, benefit, and schedule data.
– Include fictitious cost and benefit data (e.g., the implementation cost for the Auditing solution is $20,000 with annual licensing costs for ten users totaling $5,000).
– The benefits can include tangible (e.g., reduce hefty fines, increase efficiency and save money) and intangible (e.g., improve company morale, enhance the company’s credibility) savings.
Chapter 2 – building a preliminary investigation report
Feasibility Section
– Operational – will the tool be easy to learn and use?
– Economic – will benefits exceed costs?
– Technical – do we have the technical resources to do this project?
– Schedule – can the project be done in time based on the user’s request?
Toolkit C for feasibility
Systems Analysis
Requirements Modeling
Requirements Sub-Section
Develop at least three of each Requirement type:
– Output
– Input
– Process
– Performance
– Control
Chapter 4
15 (1 point for each of the three requirements for each of the five types)
Data and Process Modeling
– Data Model Sub-Section describing DFDs
– Appendix with a Data Dictionary
Using a tool, create a:
– Context diagram
– Diagram 0 DFD
– Diagram 1 DFD
Data Dictionary
– Limit the Data Dictionary to at most 10 data fields (like customer name, customer address, etc.) and a few columns ,like key, field name, length, type
Chapter 5
16 (4 points for each of the 3 diagrams and data dictionary)
Object Modeling
Object Model Sub-Section describing objects
Using a tool, develop an object model
Include at least three objects.
Chapter 6
Development Strategy
Development Strategy Sub-Section
Address each of the following:
– Will your solution be cloud-based / SaaS-based?
– Will the solution be in-house developed or COTS procured?
– Will the solution require internal or external staff (e.g., contractors)?
– Are any outsourced / off-shore resources planned? If so, please describe any obstacles and plans to overcome such.
Chapter 7, slide 16
Systems Design
User Interface Design
User Interface Design Sub-Section
Identify each of the seven habits of user interface design and explain how they pertain to your project
Chapter 8, slides 16 – 18
Data Design
Data Design Sub-Section
Create ER diagrams from the object model with proper cardinality
Include at least three entities.
Chapter 9, slide 21
System Architecture
System Architecture Sub-Section
Submit and cover each of the nine items related to architecture
Chapter 10, slide 6
Systems Implementation
Systems Implementation
Systems Implementation Section
– Describe how your solution will address Software Quality Assurance.
– Which development methodology (e.g., structured, object oriented, agile) will you use and why?
– Which programming language and database will you select?
– Describe your testing strategy and approach (e.g., high-level, what do you plan on testing?).
– What type of training will be available for users and any support staff (e.g., training vehicle(s), type of documentation, etc.)?
– What overall user documentation will be available (e.g., user manuals)?
– Which system change-over method will you use and why (this also applies if your proposed system will replace a manual system)? Consider any risks / costs / trade-offs in your decision.
Chapter 11, slides 58 – 63
Systems Support
Security Systems Support
Systems Support Section
Describe how your solution will address the six security levels
Chapter 12, slides 41 – 46

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