The research project is a long-term project that will ultimately result in a typ

The research project is a long-term project that will ultimately result in a typed, 1500-
word research paper (not to include works cited). Your task is to write a paper following
the guidelines described in The Owl and/or the Writing and Research Handbook.
 Must be argumentative
 Must involve an issue, or related issue, brought up in Fast Food Nation
 The majority of your sources must be within the past ten years
 The final paper must be at least 1500 words (size 12 font; use a common font such
as Times New Roman); 1500-word minimum of text does not include outline and
works cited; you must follow MLA formatting (view link under directions)
 You must use at least five sources in your paper; at least two sources must be
print sources (or at least they should exist in print – think journals, books, studies,
etc.), including electronic sources. Information from television programs,
lectures, personal interviews, and so forth may be used provided that it is
correctly documented.
 The paper must have an explicit thesis statement and precise topic sentences
 Support your points using evidence from your sources (expert testimony,
statistics, examples, etc.)
 Your paper should be a synthesis of information from your sources and your own
inferences, comments, and conclusions. You should not be overly reliant on any
one source, nor should your paper be a patchwork of information from your
 Information from your sources must be correctly and accurately quoted,
paraphrased, and summarized
 Sources must be documented using MLA-style parenthetical references (in-text
citations) and a works cited page
 You must be prepared to make all source material, including print sources,
available to instructor.
Because the quality of your paper depends on the quality of your information, you will
want to give yourself ample time and opportunity to gather and analyze materials. Do not
use Wikipedia. Use professional sources. Read p. 12 in the Writing and Research
Handbook on how to evaluate sources.
Content and use of sources 20 points
Organization 20 points
Documentation 20 points
Accurate quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing 20 points
Grammar, spelling, and punctuation 20 points
* Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors will result in a loss of points.
* Do not write more than 1700 words of text.
* You must complete the research paper to pass the course
* Your research paper will be worth 35% of your overall grade

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