The review should be 5–7-double-spaced page paper (must not exceed 2500 words).

The review should be 5–7-double-spaced page paper (must not exceed 2500 words). The quality of the writing and how you organize your paper will be factored into your grade. CITE ALL REFERENCES USED.
a) Summarize the main points of the article. This could include a brief overview of the research
question being addressed, the participants in the study, the methods used to collect data, the
results of the study, and the conclusions drawn by the researchers.
b) Reflect on the strengths and limitations of the study. This could include considering factors such
as the sample size, the generalizability of the findings to other populations, the use of appropriate
controls and statistical tests, and the potential for bias in the data collection or analysis.
c) Consider the implications of the study for practice in clinical psychology. This could include
discussing how the findings of the study could be applied in a clinical setting, any potential
limitations in the transferability of the results to real-world situations, and any recommendations
for future research.
Overall, the review should aim to provide a critical and objective evaluation of the research study, while also demonstrating how the findings of the study can inform practice in clinical psychology.
Interpretation & Introduction
Your introduction shows a sound grasp of the assignment brief and provides a clear outline of the scope of the essay. It states clearly the key issues and provides a framework for answering the question.(5)
Explains the primary concepts of assessment or intervention within the topic selected
Develops a complete descriiption and explains clearly the concepts of the topic selected. (10)
Discuss the current theories
Your essay shows a critical and wide range use of relevant literature backed up by a good reference list. You discuss current theories. You show connections between evidence and the framework of the theory. (10)
Address ideas for future research
You have produced a well-argued understanding of the area: all the main issues have been explored and evaluated and you have fully addressed ideas for future research emerging from the literature. (10)
The conclusion draws together the strands of your research paper. It creates a coherent perspective on the assignment and indicates tentative links to related deep issues. It is based on the topic and evidence presented. (10)
Correct and effective use of English. Referencing accurate.(5)

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