The Value of Humanities

The Value of Humanities
General Discussion Instructions
Research the discussion topic and obtain college-level, credible sources. Credible sources can be found using the HCC library in the form of books, databases, and scholarly articles. *Refer to the Plagiarism, Citation, and Format Unit for information on how to create MLA citations.
Prepare your original research discussion post. (300 words minimum)
Type your original discussion post directly into the Rich Content Editor text box. This is the only acceptable format for this assignment.
Complete two peer response that contributes to our learning. (150 words minimum for each response)
Original Post Instructions
Discussion Topic: What is the value of the humanities and what do they have to do with me?
To prepare for our unit discussion, you need to:
Read both of the following articles:
Keeping Alive the Big Questions
Why ‘worthless’ Humanities Degrees May Set You Up For Life (Links to an external site.)(
Writing your original unit discussion post, you need to:
Create an original research-based discussion, minimum 300 words, by answering the following questions.
Make sure you number your answers.
Post directly into the textbox, do not upload your post as a document.
Remember: Citations and Works Cited do not contribute to your minimum word count.
Explain whether you agree or disagree with the ideas presented by both Jaweed Kaleem and Amanda Ruggeri on the value of the humanities in career, education, and personal growth.
Be sure to cite examples from other college-level credible sources that support your position.
Discuss how the humanities affect your daily life. Be sure to cite a specific example from your life.

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