Their Eyes were watching god

Please go though this three link.
Their Eyes were watching god

Part one:Short Answer (answer in one to three short sentences; some questions can be answered in a phrase)
1. Offer one line from Polonius (in Hamlet). Analyze the line based on the theme “representations of madness.” In other words, what does the line you’ve identified indicate about the nature of “madness”?
2. Why does Jim kiss Laura? Please use direct quotes from the play to support your answer.
3. What contemporary diagnosis can readers easily assign to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde?
4. Using quotes from Their Eyes Were Watching God, describe how the novel represents mental health.
5. Why is Laura obsessed with the glass animals in her menagerie?
6. What is the significance of Laura’s glass unicorn?
Part two:Essay (Be sure your response is a full essay)
Choose any work of literature we’ve read this summer session. Use this template to compose a thesis statement for an essay you compose that will rely on textual evidence for support. ( I already pick up one for you)
*“In [author’s] [title of work], [he/she] implicitly argues that mental health problems originate in [noun.] In this essay, I’ll provide evidence from [title of work] to make this point clear.”

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