Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms

Please reflects on these topics:
• Development of Nursing Knowledge
• Middle Range Theories
• Theory of Pain
• Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms
• Theory of Self-Efficacy Critique
• Theory of Chronic Sorrow
• Spirituality in Nursing
• Social Support
• Surrogate Role
• Theory of Attachment
• Integrative Theory
• Comfort Contract
• Proxy Health Status
• Discuss the application of Middle Range Theories and Nursing Practice.
• Discuss the impact of mentors (
• Critically analyze the philosophical underpinnings of nursing theories.
• Critique nursing’s conceptual models, grand theories, and mid-range theories.
• Examine the influence that nursing models and theories have upon research and practice.
• Apply nursing theory or theories to nursing research.
Please use at least two references that are no older than five years.

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