“ thesis sentence underlined (The thesis should be only one sentence.)MLA forma

“ thesis sentence underlined (The thesis should be only one sentence.)
MLA formatted (e.g., Times New Roman Font, font size 12; double spaced; one inch margins, etc.)
This essay needs to be written in third person. (The only exception: If the quotations are in first or second person, then you do not have to change those into third person.) If tempted to use “I,” use “the reader.”
Unless discussing author’s biographical information or relevant historical events, when writing about literature, you should use the present verb tense and/or the present perfect verb tense. (The present perfect verb tense uses the helping verbs has or have with the past participle form of the verb. Ex.: has gotten or have arrived or has eaten or have drunk)

Work Cited page required: I will provide you a template to follow since you are using the links in Modules and not an actual textbook.
NO secondary sources are needed for this paper. In fact, I would advise against using any for the first paper.
This essay needs a minimum of two direct (not indirect!) quotations from the story. Each quotation should be worked into the essay with a tag line (attributive tag) and not “plopped down” without any lead-in. This oversight is known as a “dropped quotation.” compares Mourning A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning : Beginning with line 25, the poem develops an extended metaphor that compares the speaker and his loved one to “twin compasses” (line 26), attached yet separate. Why is the compass an especially appropriate metaphor?

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