Thevaluate different types of information including psychological theory and its

Thevaluate different types of information including psychological theory and its application within clinicalsettings. You will demonstrate your ability to think critically about clinical populations and clients ’ varying psychological needs. The format of the literature review is outlined below. It involves you reviewing six research articles in a specific area of clinical experience to demonstrate your understanding of that area. You should identify a relevant clinical population, assess their psychological needs and evaluate the utility of two psychologically based interventions to address those needs. It is recommended that you choose three articles addressing one intervention and three addressing another that contrasts with the first (e.g., three articles evaluating a CBT approach and three focusing on EMDR; or three focusing on compassion-focussed approaches and three on motivational interviewing; and so on). The information below provides some additional guidance on what to include under each section heading (please note that a failure to address the key elements outlined in bold will result in an overall fail grade for this piece). Introduction (approximately 500 words): You should begin with a clear introduction, defining one clinically relevant topic area covered in this module (e.g., alcohol addiction, major depressive disorder,schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa). You should identify the psychological needs of one chosen client group or population (e.g., a specific category of individuals diagnosed with anorexia nervosa). This must be based on relevant current research. This section should provide a rationale/justification for the review. The overall aim of the review should also be clearly articulated. Method (approximately 250 words): You should also aim to include a section which details the search strategy employed along with the main inclusion/criteria. Here you can provide information about the databases searched and search terms used – it might be useful to include a diagram/table to show how many records were identified. This can be included within the introduction or take the form of a separate methods section (if taking a more systematic approach). Main body (approximately 1750 words): You are then required to write a review of the current research literature in the area, critically examining the utility/effectiveness of psychological interventions/ therapies (minimum of two) to address the needs of your chosen client group. 5 Sensitivity: Internal This will involve you outlining the potential psychological needs of the chosen client group as well as the goals for intervention. For example, which psychological treatments are likely to be most effective? Are there particular treatments which tend to be used but are perhaps not working as effectively as might be hoped? Perhaps pharmacologically based treatments are the norm; however, clients may benefit from more psychologically based interventions. Within your review of the literature you should consider these aspects, all the time keeping in mind that you should be focusing on psychological interventions. NB: although pharmacology (drugs) might be the norm in a particular area, thisshould not be the focus of your writing. Based on recent research evidence, you are required to critically evaluate at least two psychologically based treatments/interventions applicable to your client group. The psychologically-based treatments you choose will be based upon psychological theory, therefore you should ensure you critically evaluate how theory can be applied to address the needs of your chosen client group (theoretical examples could include Locus of Control, Attachment Theory, Attribution Theory, Self-actualization, Social Cognitive Theory, Reciproe assessment for this module requires you to conduct a critical review of the literature. You are not required to collect any primary data forthis piece; instead you must critically evaluate the research which has been conducted in your chosen area. The word limit is 3,000 words (+/- 10%) excluding the title and reference list. Work beyond the maximum word limit will not be assessed and this might affect whether the overall learning outcomes for the assessment are met. The coursework report will demonstrate your ability to cal Determinism etc.) Discussion/conclusions (approximately 500 words): You should provide a brief critical discussion relating to the contribution that psychological theory has made to aiding understanding of the clinical experience of your chosen client group (e.g., matching of needs, quality of care received, clinical environment, reactions to treatment, building of trust etc.) In your evaluation you might find that both interventions chosen have strengths and limitations. You might find in favour of one or the other but you should support whatever conclusions you draw with the information in the main body of your review.
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introduction, conclusions and references should be included
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