Things you should not do: do not use a reflection simply to summarize the presentation a reflection paper is formal so leave out informal language and form.

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The idea of a reflection is to write an organized essay describing your reactions and analysis to the presentation in class. A reflection should be as organized as any other type of formal essay. Include an introduction, perhaps one that describes your expectations about the presentation, your involvement/ no involvement with the subject, Body paragraph(s) under which you can write what you observed (objective discussion) & what you experienced or what made you think (subjective discussion). You can analyze what you have experienced, what worked well and what didn’t, what was important or unimportant, what was effective or ineffective. You can add an important information to the presentation or if needed, correct some issues based on your research. Conclusion sums up what you got from the presentation and/or analysis in light of your reactions based on your previous/recent knowledge and readings. You may also want to explain how this presentation will affect your knowledge/study in this course. Resources used in the Reflection should be cited.. Reflections should be free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Things you should not do: Do not use a reflection simply to summarize the presentation A reflection paper is formal so leave out informal language and form. Leave out “yeah, it was awesome”. Reflections are not superficial responses such as “I agree” or “Great idea,” without supporting statements from the presentation, outside resources and relevant research.

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