Thinking about the life sciences in the twentieth century. Your assigned readin

Thinking about the life sciences in the twentieth century.
Your assigned reading is the chapter by Karen Rader.
The aim of these questions is to consolidate our discussion about history and historiography.
1. Summarise the chapter in one or two sentences. What research question/s is Rader trying to answer? (What is she trying to find out about history?)
2. What historical object does Rader investigate? Are you surprised by her choice? What aspects of this object does she want to emphasise?
3. What story does this object help her to tell? What advantages are there in using this approach? Are there any limits or disadvantages?
4. What sources does Rader use?
5. What kinds of interpretative moves does Rader make concerning her sources?
6. What other historical objects could Rader (or other historians) use to tell this story? Bonus marks if you can identify any actual examples!
7. What other stories could be told using these historical objects?
8. Is there anything else that impresses you or puzzles you about the chapter?

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