This article identifies and recommends improvements in six dimensions of health

This article identifies and recommends improvements in six dimensions of health care in the U.S. (1) What is the purpose of this publication? (2) The American Healthcare delivery system is in need of fundamental changes. Why?  Please explain. (3) How does accountability play into the need for change?  (4) How does growth in knowledge and technology impact the need for change?  (5) What needs to happen to the U.S. healthcare structure?  (6) Finally, please discuss the relationship of this  question to population health and the study of Epidemiology?  There should be six different paragraph to your answer. Use data and references to support your answers.
– Are thoughtful and analyze the content or question asked.
– Contain novel ideas, connections, and/or real-world application but lack depth, detail and/or explanation.
– Make connections to the course content and/or other experiences.
– References cited
– Ideas are persuasive, and always expressed in a clear and coherent manner

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