This assignment considers advertising still but now turning attention to video c

This assignment considers advertising still but now turning attention to video campaign advertisements. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) does require and enforce Truth in Advertising laws, those laws do not apply to campaign ads. In campaign ads, candidates can and do lie and broadcasters are required to accept and air without censorship any ad that is presented to them by a legally qualified candidate. This may be good too/that is debatable, but what is not debatable is that the burden falls on the recipients of the campaign ads to filter whether the claims made within the ad are true or not. On this link, you will find the campaign ad you will be working with which is 2020 Biden vs Trump You will be writing a Campaign Rhetoric Analysis. You will need to have 4 sources in total. The first one will be the campaign ad itself and 3 more to back up your arguments, ideas, etc. The essay has to be at least 1000 words. If you click on the link the first campaign ad that pops up is going to be the one you will work with. There is much information you can use to your advantage. Your topic will be the ad itself, not the candidate or issue that the ad is about. Remember that the goal of this essay is to make an analysis of your text that goes beyond summarizing what the text says directly. Instead, your goal is to tap into the undercurrents of meaning in the text, developing commentary to emphasize what matters about what the text says; to do this, you must spend a great amount of time reading and re-reading your text. If you have any questions regarding the assignment, please let me know.
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