-This assignment is based on the **book Spare Parts, pages 31-62 ONLY.** -Journa

-This assignment is based on the **book Spare Parts, pages 31-62 ONLY.**
-Journal entries should be at least 200 words in length.
-You should include a quotation from this week’s reading in your journal entry, but your journal **should not have more than 40 quoted words. **
-Give context before your quotation. (what the quotation is describing or responding to). Practice introducing quotations properly: refer to the following link to review when to use a colon or a comma to introduce quotations: Introducing/Integrating Quotations
-Give a correct MLA citation for your quotation and a work cited entry at the end of your journal. Make sure you pay attention to what should be italicized in your citation and entry. Refer to the examples in the following questions for how to correctly quote and cite your quotation.
**-You should use one of the following questions as a starting point for your reflection, but you may also discuss other aspects of the work you find interesting:**
-Based on Oscar’s life story, why would the ROTC, and especially Major Goins’ instruction, have such an impact on Oscar? Refer to specific details from Oscar’s life to explain why ROTC would appeal to him so much.
-Explain how Fredi’s experiences as an Iranian American are similar to and different from what Cristian, Lorenzo, and Oscar have experienced in Mexico and the US. What aspects of the boys’ experiences might Fredi be able to relate to and why?

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