This  is a common issue that people face when they retire. A good friend of  y

This  is a common issue that people face when they retire. A good friend of  your family is about to become another year older, and she has decided  that she wants to start putting money away for her eventual retirement.  She has the following number of years till retirement and she has the  following expenditure objectives for retirement:
Years until retirement                                             20
Amount to withdraw each year                                $50,000
Years to withdraw in retirement                               15
Interest rate                                                           7.5%
Because  your friend is planning ahead, the first withdrawal will not take place  until one year after she retires. She wants to make equal annual  deposits into her account for her retirement fund.
If  she starts making these deposits in one year and makes her last deposit  in the day she retires, what amount must she deposit annually to be  able to make the desired withdrawals at retirement?
After  finding the solution discuss with your classmates the way it can be  solved using excel. What is the implication when problem says  “withdrawal will not take place until one year after she retires”?
Make  sure that you check the learning goals for this week before you go on  to the next one. Your preparation of the computations for this research  question would benefit greatly from having such information.
Budgeting  is an important step in managing your money and spending habits. To  create a budget you need to identify how much money you are spending.  Some expenses to keep in mind when creating a budget are rent, car  payment, fuel, auto insurance, utilities, groceries, cell phone,  personal, gym membership, entertainment, gifts, dining out, medical  expenses, etc.
When  you are creating a monthly budget, many experts say if you want to have  control of your money, you should know where every dollar is going. In  order to keep track of this, a written budget is essential. Below is one  example of a budget in Excel. This was a free template from the “Life  After College” blog. There are hundreds of free templates out there so  you should find the template that suits you the best – or create your  own Excel budget!
Please read article The ultimate retirement planning guide for 2022 published by Bryan Borzykowski (CMBC) on January 18, 2022 to get more details that could be helpful to your in preparation of this Research Discussion. 
Simple Example: Budgeting
You make $32,000 a year and want to save 10% of your income every year. How much should you put into savings every month?
You want to save $3200 a year.
You should be saving $266.67 a month or $133.33 a paycheck if you are paid biweekly
Please ensure that you are adhering to the specific instructions that have been given as a part of this query.
Be  sure to proofread carefully (Use Grammarly – the premium version! Make  sure your writing score is more than 90) and cite your sources (APA 7.0  ed).
1. Post your 500-700 word answers by Wednesday 11:55 pm to earn a maximum of 14 points.
2.  Offer at least two 300-400 word comments (replies) to posts from your  peers’ discussions by Sunday 11:55 pm to earn a maximum of 8 points each  (total 16 points)
3. The total grade on each week’s LE is 30 points. RD Rubrics 

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