This is a rewrite order. The previous writer was not able to follow the instruct

This is a rewrite order. The previous writer was not able to follow the instructions and the rubric. Please rewrite: 180487editededited-16776147837958982 (1).docx180487editededited-16776147837958982 (1).docx— this is attached
Topic: Nepotism and favoritism in the medical field
submit a research memo in which you identify themes and apply any one of these themes to course materials (materials attached).
This assignment should follow the following structure:
1. A brief (100 word) abstract introducing your topic.
2. Three labeled data sections of approximately 100-200 words each in which you explain three major themes that you have identified from either the narratives or the interview(s). You should base these on themes from the class and demonstrate how the data you gathered are evidence of this
3. A research memo of 300-500 words in which you explain how any one of
the themes that you identified adds
to or challenges one article or book chapter that we have read in class.
This portion of the assignment demands extension: it is not enough to simply say that the reading found or demonstrated such and such a concept, which your data also find. Nor should it simply state that the readings didn’t address the topic or profession that you studied. You must go further and say why what you found adds something new
to this concept or forces us to think differently about this concept.
-All readings are attached
-Rubric is attached–pay close attention for the expectations
-Please use the sources from the attached document especially focusing on the reddit discussions and articles rather than the peer reviewed research
Possible themes you can use in the paper:
-Connection (nepotism) as an intangible resource
-Connection as social capital
-distribution of resources (stratification)
-structural, organizational, and individual discrimination for doctors, nurses, and technicians

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