This project is worth 50 points. State legislatures are expected to most closely

This project is worth 50 points.
State legislatures are expected to most closely resemble the will of the people as these legislative positions consist of representatives and senators living across the state. Depending on the state, these legislators meet every 1-2 years for several months to address any issues within the state government or to address potential issues that may arise. During these sessions, legislative bills of varying quality are always proposed. Your assignment is to choose one bill from the 2023 Oklahoma legislative session and identify what it intends to do as well as who supports the legislation.
When reviewing proposed legislation, rather than formulating an opinion on public policy, the better question is “what are the intended consequences of the legislation if it is enacted?” In this paper, students will review one bill for the Oklahoma State Legislature and provide their best estimate for the questions below.
Choose a bill from the current legislative session. This can be a bill that is still being debated or one that has been approved or vetoed by the Governor. Then, in a single-spaced paper
(between 500-750 words), answer the following questions:
1. What is the bill, who authored it, and what does the author want to achieve with the bill?
2. Will the legislation do what it purports to do?
3. Who are the supporters and opponents of the bill (not political affiliations but rather,
groups that may have reason to support or oppose the legislation)?
4. Is there a better way to achieve the goals of this legislation?
5. Do we foresee any unintended consequences?
6. Who is affected by this legislation?
It may help to pick a bill that has some controversy surrounding it. For a list of bills for 2023:

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