­­­­This research paper will be approximately 1500-2000 words (3-4 pages) it can

­­­­This research paper will be approximately 1500-2000 words (3-4 pages) it can be more if you have a topic that requires it. MLA format.
Introduction: in automotive history or technology.the key points on your historical figure that make them important.
Using Quotations: Most of a history essay should consist of “evidence paragraphs,” which develop and support the thesis with quotations. Quote when you’ve made an assertion your reader is unlikely to accept without proof. After you quote, always explain; don’t just add quotes that don’t reinforce the topic of your paper.
Structure: As your paragraphs begin to emerge from this process of working the evidence, unify each one with a topic sentence, and arrange them in a sequence that builds toward your strongest claims. Remember if you are doing a historical piece, your personal thoughts can be stated in the conclusion. You evidence thought your paper should have evidence as to why you feel this way. Your finished essay should thus feature a clear order as it advances from the introduction through your body paragraphs and, finally, to your conclusion.
Setting: Try to build up the time in history that these events are occurring. Do not just put down facts and leave the significance OUT of the paper. Why was this revolutionary or ‘new’ at the time. Was there a war, political or social event occurring? This paper should inform the reader on the technology or idea you are mentioning. Do not just list the name and move on, inform the reader as to what it is.

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