This video essay has to compare Tesis with El día de la bestia (Alex de la Igle

This video essay has to compare Tesis with El día de la bestia (Alex de la Iglesia, 1995). This comparison has to be in terms of how both films depict violence. First, bear in mind the historical and political framework of Spain: post-1992 Olympics. Second, take into account the directors’ sociological generation. Consider the critical discussions about how Amenábar depicts the relationship between media and violence against women. Check the secondary bibliography in order to understand how Tesis speaks about the new media culture of the 1990’s through the incorporation of the aesthetics of horror and snuff films. Compare how both movies forecast issues related to surveillance cultures, gender, and the ethical boundaries of filmmaking. Pay special attention to the shots and the role played by the sound in both films: what are the aesthetic effects? What is Amenábar trying to achieve when he constantly breaks the fourth wall? How this cinematic device differs from El dia de la bestia? Consider how each film criticizes the role of the market and capitalism. For example, is the beast or Satan in Alex de la Iglesia’s film related to capitalism? Could the market be represented by the talk show, the city of Madrid, or the ultra-right gang ‘Limpia Madrid’?
I have attached sources you can use but can add more if they do not work.

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