To: PADM 3310 – Public Management From: Dr. Kisha Hardwick Date: February XX, 20

To: PADM 3310 – Public Management
From: Dr. Kisha Hardwick
Date: February XX, 202X.
Re:Reorganization Plan – Memo #2
Classical organization theory may seem outdated and theoretical, but it can have very practical and important implications for modern organizations. There are very few opportunities to create an entirely new organizational entity in the public sector; what we see over and over again is, instead, reorganizations meant to fix “problems” with policies, services, or implementation.
Your Assignment: Choose an organization that you have been (or are currently) a part of.
How could changing the structure fix some problem within the entity? Write a memo (no more than 2 pages of text) explaining how you would restructure the organization.
Things to keep in mind.
Who is your audience? The memo should be addressed to the person who would have the authority to actually DO the reorganization. What questions and concerns will they have? Make sure to address those.
Why does the organization need to be reorganized? What, specifically, are you trying to fix? (Ex: efficiency, effectiveness, equity, economy, responsiveness, service, clientele, etc…) How does the restructuring fix the problem?
What is the justification/basis for the changes? (You should cite from class notes, the

textbook, or outside research.) It MUST be something more than your opinion.
It would be extremely difficult to fully describe a new organizational structure without an appropriate diagram for illustration.
• After reading the memo, what will their reaction be? Remember that communication is key-what are you trying to communicate? You should always try to address counter-points. In this case, that would be not doing anything at all.
As with any assignment, I encourage you to peer review each other’s memos before you turn it in. If your classmates have questions, so will I! Your grade will be based on (1) completing the assignment, (2) content and analysis, (3) organization, (4) appropriate support and use of theories/concepts, and (5) grammar and mechanics.

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