# todo: declare purchase_price attribute

9.11 LAB: Car Value (classes)
Complete the Car class by creating an attribute purchase_price (type int) and the method print_info() that outputs the car’s information.
Ex: If the input is:
where 2011 is the car’s model year, 18000 is the purchase price, and 2018 is the current year, then print_info() outputs:
Car’s information:
Model year: 2011
Purchase price: 18000
Current value: 5770
Note: print_info() should use three spaces for indentation.
class Car:
def __init__(self):
self.model_year = 0
# TODO: Declare purchase_price attribute
self.current_value = 0
def calc_current_value(self, current_year):
depreciation_rate = 0.15
# Car depreciation formula
car_age = current_year – self.model_year
self.current_value = round(self.purchase_price * (1 – depreciation_rate) ** car_age)
# TODO: Define print_info() method to output model_year, purchase_price, and current_value
if __name__ == “__main__”:
year = int(input())
price = int(input())
current_year = int(input())
my_car = Car()
my_car.model_year = year
my_car.purchase_price = price

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