Topic Discussion #1A: Now is the time to be honest. After you have watched view

Topic Discussion #1A: Now is the time to be honest. After you have watched viewed the videos, describe yourself as a leader. Don’t tell me what kind of leader you want to be, tell me about the kind of leader you actually are – where you have strengths and where you have room to grow. You don’t get extra points for writing that you’re already a great leader. When you go about your work from day to day, talk about how you go about influencing the people around you, whether they work “for” you, around you, or above you. Think about what others would say if they’re being truthful about your style, your strengths, and your weaknesses.
-Topic Discussion #1B: The first half of the term is devoted to leaders preparing themselves for leadership. Senge and his coauthors discuss in the systems leadership article the importance of leaders “continually cultivating their ability to listen and their willingness to inquire into views in which they do not agree”. Reflect on this quote in the context of the systems leadership article and discuss how seeing your work in the larger context of what your team, organization, or society is working towards can make you a more effective leader. Finally, in the context of systems leadership and your overall leadership style, why do you think I asked you to review the Blind Men and the Elephant?
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